How FIS Technologies Complement SAP Processes

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FIS offer a number of technologies which are fully integrated into SAP standard and offer additional functions to improve existing business processes. Over 100 SAP add-on technologies have been developed by FIS, and each one is designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP ERP (SAP ECC6 or SAP S/4HANA).

The technologies include SAP integrate add-ons for Internet Shopping Solutions, Simplified Master Data Maintenance and Document Processing. A major benefit of the technologies is that no modifications to SAP standard are required, and they are intended to enhance and complement the processes already existing within SAP.

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The Processes Behind FIS/edc

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The FIS/edc system comprises technologies that are used to automate, and efficiently process documents such as invoices, vendor statements, sales orders and payment advice notes with minimal human intervention. The software can save an enterprise time and money, as it reduces the need for manual data-entry, and provides accurate and reliable data transfer to SAP standard.

FIS/edc is designed to securely and reliably deal with processing scanned documents, emailed attachments and EDI invoices, and it is deeply integrated with SAP ERP. The technology plugins are designed to make SAP processes more effective and economical.

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How Can Technology Be Utilised to Read Supplier Invoices and Other Finance Documents

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In any business process within an organisation, there is always a drive to make procedures more efficient, more effective, reduce operational costs and improve outcomes. The same drivers can be applied to the task of manual keying and data-entry tasks, when processing supplier invoices into an organisation’s Financial / ERP software.

Previously, an administrator would manually key-in the relevant information from a physical paper invoice into an ERP or Financials software. This task can be quite labour-intensive and likely to incur human errors.

Some larger invoices with many pages and several invoice lines can be very time consuming to administrate.

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How SAP Standard Processes Are Streamlined With FIS/edc

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The existing SAP standard invoice processing methods involve a large amount of human interaction. FIS/edc is a plug-in that works within the current SAP environment, and streamlines the invoice management experience so that businesses can operate more efficiently.

FIS/edc is one of a number of SAP integrated technologies developed by FIS and offers additional functions to simplify SAP processes. Installing FIS/edc comes with a range of benefits::

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FIS/edc Solution Extentions Beyond Invoice Processing

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FIS/edc is an automated Invoice and document processing technology created by FIS. The technology is designed to streamline and to improve the efficiency of the existing SAP standard with regards to invoice processing and deeply integrated into SAP ECC standard. No modifications are necessary to SAP ECC. FIS/edc works within standard SAP GUIs and therefore minimal training is required for employees already familiar with SAP standard.

The FIS/fci component reads the data from incoming invoices, extract the relevant data and then passes the information to FIS/edc. The solution significantly reduces the need for human intervention, ultimately saving businesses time and money with the additional benefit of improving data quality.

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