FIS/edc is an automated Invoice and document processing technology created by FIS. The technology is designed to streamline and to improve the efficiency of the existing SAP standard with regards to invoice processing and deeply integrated into SAP ECC standard. No modifications are necessary to SAP ECC. FIS/edc works within standard SAP GUIs and therefore minimal training is required for employees already familiar with SAP standard.

The FIS/fci component reads the data from incoming invoices, extract the relevant data and then passes the information to FIS/edc. The solution significantly reduces the need for human intervention, ultimately saving businesses time and money with the additional benefit of improving data quality.

FIS/edc and FIS/fci can be employed beyond their main purpose of optimising SAP invoice processing procedures. Additional FIS technologies can be utilised that focus on the processing of: Payment Advice Notes, General Documents, Sales Orders and Sales Order Confirmations. The use of FIS/edc for further accounts documents will improve the efficiency and productivity of the current accounts payable and accounts receivable teams.

Vendor statements are also optimised through the use of FIS technology. The vendor statements are emailed or scanned and then sent to the import folder of FIS/fci, where statement data is then read. FIS/edc then compares the data to the Vendor Account balances in the current SAP ECC system. Only “exceptions” are investigated by the AP team rather than the all the statements – significantly reducing the degree of manual work and therefore processing vendor statements more economically.

FIS offer a comprehensive suite of add-on solutions for SAP standard – essentially to streamline the existing SAP invoice management processes. For any further information on the technologies that FIS provide, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

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