FIS offer a number of technologies which are fully integrated into SAP standard and offer additional functions to improve existing business processes. Over 100 SAP add-on technologies have been developed by FIS, and each one is designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP ERP (SAP ECC6 or SAP S/4HANA).

The technologies include SAP integrate add-ons for Internet Shopping Solutions, Simplified Master Data Maintenance and Document Processing. A major benefit of the technologies is that no modifications to SAP standard are required, and they are intended to enhance and complement the processes already existing within SAP.

FIS/edc is a technology that is ideal for enterprises using SAP ERP that are looking to reduce their costs and time spent on manual data-entry. The plugin reduces the need for human interaction by automating payment processes and is utilised for the reliable processing of scanned and emailed documents.

As with other FIS technologies, FIS/edc is fully integrated into SAP ERP. The plugin utilises the real-time data within SAP infrastructure and works alongside FIS/fci to post the  information into the SAP system. This software offers a seamless co-existence between the current SAP technology and the FIS/edc environment, and also improves data accuracy through the thorough validation process present within FIS/fci.

If you require more information regarding how our FIS/edc technology will fit into your existing SAP invoice management processes, then please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

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