The FIS/edc system comprises technologies that are used to automate, and efficiently process documents such as invoices, vendor statements, sales orders and payment advice notes with minimal human intervention. The software can save an enterprise time and money, as it reduces the need for manual data-entry, and provides accurate and reliable data transfer to SAP standard.

FIS/edc is designed to securely and reliably deal with processing scanned documents, emailed attachments and EDI invoices, and it is deeply integrated with SAP ERP. The technology plugins are designed to make SAP processes more effective and economical.

  • The need for manual data-entry is significantly reduced after the installation of the technology. The OCR reading component receives all incoming invoices with several verification checks to ensure that the information is accurate and plausible.
  • FIS/edc can be configured to automatically post invoices that meeting pre-designated criteria and tolerances.
  • Invoices outside tolerances or PO-exempt are past to AP users for further evaluation and assignment.
  • Current SAP standard processes will involve the manual keying data from the invoice. However the OCR reading component of FIS/edc will make these entries automatically whilst reducing the degree of incorrect data.
  • There is no need for printing any emailed attachments as the original invoice will be displayed in both FIS/edc and SAP ERP.

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