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Document Options Limited – Invoice Data Reading as a Service

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Document Options Limited offers invoice capture and data collection as a service

Invoice data collection as a service is used by organsiations as an addition to document capture and archiving

Document Options Limited (DOL) are an award-winning provider of process automation, document management and document capture services and are a long-standing partner of FIS Information Systems.
Historically, scanning bureaus focus on the business of archiving documents after they have been processed. However, Document Options also provide their customers with a new service to digitise paper invoices and also to extract the key invoice data content at the first stage of the process.
The shift from "late invoice" archiving to "early invoice" archiving has transformed the accounts payable function of many organisations.
Invoice collection as a service
The invoice data collection service is available for all organisations and is not restricted only to organisations with SAP.
By combining expertise in high resolution image capture, OCR invoice reading technology and invoice completion, Document Options provide an unrivalled service for accurate invoice data capture and rapid document throughput.
Invoice Reading as a service schematic
Who is it for?
For organisations with who wish to:
  • Out-source the routine tasks of manual data-entry and document scanning as part of their accounts function
  • Improve the quality of their invoice data in their ERP or Financials software
  • Re-engineer their accounts payable function by working with a specialist services organisation at the first part of the invoice classification process

Key Information: Document Options Limited

Complete invoice reading process including:
  • Invoice transportation service from customer site to the DOL base in Crawley
  • High-resolution document capture of paper invoices
  • Capture of emailed invoice attachments
  • Invoice content reading services - i.e. header and line items
  • High accuracy of data capture - by checking for missing fields and data viability
  • Fast turn-around service
  • Working with FIS Information Systems directly to provide unmatched services levels
Working from home and hybrid working
Many customers have adapted to the change in working practices.
With working from home or hybrid working a preferred option - Document Options are able to collect paper invoices and transport them to their UK offices.
In this way customers can still work from home without needing to travel to the office to scan invoices . The task of image capture and invoice data collection could be outsourced to an organisation with Document Option's expertise and experience.



inPoint Archive Document Server

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H&S Information Architects partner FIS with an SAP Certified Document Archive

The InPoint CSS Content Server for SAP Business Solutions provides a secure access to documents processed in SAP ERP (ECC 6 or S/4HANA) and FIS / edc monitors 

HandS SAP Document Archive
Who is the SAP Certified Document Archive for?

For organisations who wish to view invoices (and other documents) securely within FIS / edc and SAP transactions.

Key Benefits:

  • SAP Certified Document Archive software solution working with SAP-Archive Link
  • Displays images in SAP ERP (i.e. MIRO and MIR4 transactions) and FIS / edc (i.e. SAP GUI, Web Dynpro Approval Workflow, Fiori App Approval workflow)
  • Retention time can be set for archived invoices – after this period, the image can be deleted if there is no statutory legal requirement
  • inPoint CSS Server can be expanded to view other documents via Web Interface
  • Administration is available with fundamental SAP expertise
  • Compatible with SAP release for ECC 6 and S/4HANA
  • Presents EDI invoices as a stored PDF image – invoice data simulation
  • Provides security and additional space compared to using a File Server for document storage
  • Professional Services from an SAP certified partner

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compass trusted partners

Strategic Partnerships Enabling Optimal Business Solutions

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Strategic Partnerships Enabling Optimal Business Solutions

FIS have a number of trusted partners that provide data reading and archive storage software and services to further enhance our business process optimisation technologies

Document Option Limited logo - data reading

Document Options Limited are an established FIS UK partner providing a range of document capture and key document data reading services that utilises the FIS invoice reading software FIS / fci.

Document Options Limited work with FIS to support their client base with invoice capture and data reading services. The service addresses the issues of clients who prefer to “outsource” the capture and key data reading component of their invoice processing solution as an alternative to manual data keying or in-house software.

Furthermore, Document Options Limited also provide flexible invoice processing solutions for their SAP and non-SAP client base.


H&S Heilig und Schubert Software AG logo - data reading

H&S Heilig und Schubert Software AG are a leading SAP partner with offices in Germany and Austria. An FIS partner for several years, H&S predominantly provide FIS with products, services and support for their SAP certified document archive storage.

The SAP Certified inPoint Content Archive provides fast and reliable access to stored documents from FIS / edc – invoices, sales orders, statements, order confirmations etc.

The archive supports both SAP ECC 6 and SAP S/4HANA infrastructures.