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H&S Information Architects partner FIS with an SAP Certified Document Archive

The InPoint CSS Content Server for SAP Business Solutions provides a secure access to documents processed in SAP ERP (ECC 6 or S/4HANA) and FIS / edc monitors 

HandS SAP Document Archive
Who is the SAP Certified Document Archive for?

For organisations who wish to view invoices (and other documents) securely within FIS / edc and SAP transactions.

Key Benefits:

  • SAP Certified Document Archive software solution working with SAP-Archive Link
  • Displays images in SAP ERP (i.e. MIRO and MIR4 transactions) and FIS / edc (i.e. SAP GUI, Web Dynpro Approval Workflow, Fiori App Approval workflow)
  • Retention time can be set for archived invoices – after this period, the image can be deleted if there is no statutory legal requirement
  • inPoint CSS Server can be expanded to view other documents via Web Interface
  • Administration is available with fundamental SAP expertise
  • Compatible with SAP release for ECC 6 and S/4HANA
  • Presents EDI invoices as a stored PDF image – invoice data simulation
  • Provides security and additional space compared to using a File Server for document storage
  • Professional Services from an SAP certified partner

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