FIS awarded SAP Focus Partner 2023

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FIS awarded SAP Focus Partner of the Year 2023

FIS received the “Retail & Consumer Products - Partner of the Year 2023” award at this year’s SAP Diamond Initiative. This makes FIS an SAP focus partner and demonstrates its own expertise in all aspects of SAP solutions.

The FIS Group has strongly focused its business strategy on SAP and predominantly to the area of technology in the cloud. The commitment of FIS and the expertise developed was recognised at the 2023 SAP Diamond Initiative. FIS outperformed other SAP value added partners asserted and was awarded as “Partner of the Year” for “Retail & Consumer Products”.

FIS has built up a great deal of expertise, especially when it comes to the SAP S/4HANA solution and has developed its own technology solutions based on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). The technology solutions include:

  • FIS / fci (OCR document data reader) – for extracting the key data from a digitised document such as an invoice or sales order with minimal human effort.
  • FIS / edc (invoice monitor) – for posting invoices automatically into SAP ERP when they meet specific criteria (i.e. quantity and amount matching) and automatically forwarding payment exempt invoices to the correct teams and individuals.
  • FIS / mpm (master data and price management) – an SAP integrated tool for bulk uploads of data into SAP and a compliant method of adding new or creating new data in SAP.

In addition, FIS / TradeFlex enables the seamless connection of online marketplaces to order-to-cash and returns processes from a single application.


FIS / TradeFlex works with ManoMano

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FIS / TradeFlex Integration with ManoMano

ManoMano is the leading European online marketplace for products relating to DIY, home and gardening. The online marketplace works with more than 3,600 retailers and offers more than. Europe’s largest online e-commerce site for DIY and garden supplies.

Working with our customers Re-In Retail International – the organisation switched to the FIS / TradeFlex hosted software, replacing their existing interfaces that were developed internally. RE-IN Retail already have connections with several marketplaces using the FIS / TradeFlex platform and benefit from standardised processes and SAP integration.

During the migration, orders could continue to be created and processed without restriction. To ensure a successful transition from the in-house developments to FIS / TradeFlex, the orders of the last 40 days were collected by ManoMano and migrated directly into FIS / TradeFlex without being transferred again into the SAP ERP system.

FIS / TradeFlex directly supported all activities for the orders, such as delivery, payment, reversal or returns. Thanks to the migration, Re-In can now also handle the sales processes on ManoMano in a fully automated manner. The connection of further marketplaces such as Cdiscount via FIS / TradeFlex is already planned.


FIS / TradeFlex SAP First Place Award

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First Place for FIS / TradeFlex

FIS Information Systems announce that the FIS / TradeFlex application by its customer Re-In Retail  received first place in the SAP Business Technology Platform Customer Success Contest for SAP partners in the MEE region.

With FIS / TradeFlex, SAP users can work productively with online marketplaces. With the seamless SAP integration, process efficiency and sales volumes can be quickly increased. Our customer Re-In uses FIS / TradeFlex successfully on many marketplaces. -  Christoph Burdack, Manager FIS /  TradeFlex

FIS / TradeFlex has been in use at Re-In Retail  since the end of 2019. By using this application, Re-In can manage all online marketplace activities centrally and transparently, which saves them time and effort. Automated processes provide quicker and consistent processes in the marketplace business. Successful live integrations have been achieved with different online marketplaces such as Otto, Idealo, ManoMano and Cdiscount.

FIS / TradeFlex is built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and integrated with both SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC, using SAP Integration Suite and/or SAP Extension Suite.

Available on the SAP Store site, the application provides an integration of online marketplaces into SAP ERP. New marketplaces can be connected quickly and easily.

Automated processes in the entire “Order-to-Cash” management and a clear SAP Fiori user interface make sales on marketplaces very easy for SAP users.


New Marketplaces for FIS / TradeFlex

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New FIS / TradeFlex Marketplace Integrations in 2021

FIS / TradeFlex is a centralised management platform that brings together SAP (ECC or S/4HANA) and several e-commerce marketplaces. The software was launched in 2020 and at that time had integration with both Amazon and eBay.

In 2021, the customer-led development has expanded FIS / TradeFlex with a wider customer base and now with additional marketplace connectivity.

The current marketplace platforms with SAP and FIS / TradeFlex connectivity now include:

  • Amazon (Retail)
  • eBay (Retail)
  • Fnac (Retail)
  • Mercateo (B2B Trading Platform)
  • Otto (Apparel)
  • Digitec Galaxus (Retail)
  • Conrad Electronic (Electronics)
  • ManoMano (DIY / Retail)
  • Cdiscount – (Retail and Financial Services) - GO LIVE planned in Q3 2021
  • Idealo – (Product Price Comparison Site) - GO LIVE planned in Q4 2021
FIS Information Systems UK Limted at 3M Innovation Centre

FIS Information Systems UK

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FIS Information Systems UK

FIS UK specialise in providing technologies than digitise and automate business processes.

FIS Information Systems UK Limted at 3M Innovation Centre

FIS Information Systems UK Headquarters

Our core solutions include:

  • Invoice Processing for organisations with SAP
  • Document Intelligent Data Extraction
  • Email attachment processing
  • Invoice Statement processing for organisations with SAP
  • Sales Order Creation for organisations with SAP.
  • Master Data and Price Management for organsiations with SAP
  • Business System Integration for organisations with SAP
  • On-line marketplace management for organisations with SAP
  • SAP Certified Document Management and Archiving

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are functions that are built into several of our solutions. FIS will continue to build our skills and expertise in this fast developing field.