SAP – Business Process Optimisation

FIS automate and improve business processes by creating add-on technologies that run on SAP standards without the need for SAP modifications. All FIS products have releases that enhance both SAP ECC 6 or SAP S/4HANA.

FIS Information Systems add-value to our client’s business by creating software technologies that improve processes for organisations running SAP ERP. FIS have a 30 year history as an SAP partner and are recognised as the leading developer of SAP technology add-on applications. FIS create proprietary applications that run on SAP standards such as Fiori Apps, SAP NetWeaver and SAP GUIs – ensuring that adoption rates are fast for organisations already familiar with SAP.

In summary, FIS are serious about SAP and make businesses run more efficiently with minimal disruption.

Digitised Business Processes: One of the key tasks for every company today is to optimise business processes by minimising manual tasks and increasing automation where appropriate. Those organisations who enhance processes effectively are also able to improve data quality as well as making cost savings.

FIS software simplifies tasks by bringing together information and documentation required for decisioning in one location. Managing the processes is made easier with a dashboard overview of the current status and tools to highlight bottlenecks and pressure points.

  • Processing times are shorter
  • Idle times are identified
  • Errors are recognised and corrected
  • Processes are recorded and made transparent

FIS develop a comprehensive range of SAP enhancements  – deeply integrated add-ons technologies to SAP ERP standard (SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA). The technologies create additional functionality to optimise business processes in SAP enabling financial savings and providing more effective tools for SAP users.  The applications work on the existing SAP ERP infrastructure.

FIS Technologies include:

Automated Invoice Data Reader: FIS / fci is a technology that reduces time consuming task of manual data-entry when processing invoices. The software automatically lifts the key content of documents – via an email attachment or from a scanned image.

FIS / fci incorporates “free-form recognition” technology, multiple-OCR engines, “fuzzy” matching of data and an intelligent knowledge database – to read invoice data automatically from day-one.

Automated Invoice Posting and Workflow: FIS / edc (invoice monitor) is utilised to automate first-time match rates for invoices. I addition, routing of invoices is configured with invoice being approved via Web-Dynpro or Fiori apps.

FIS / edc works with real-time SAP data with enhanced tools for processing invoices prior to exporting to SAP.  

Automated Matching of Vendor Statement or Payment Advice Notes: The technology is utilised to automate the comparison of incoming statements (from vendors or customers) with balances in SAP ERP.

FIS / edc (statement monitor) reduces the number of documents reviewed by the accounts team – highlighting “exceptions” compared to vendor/customer data on SAP ERP.

Automated Processing of Orders  FIS / edc (sales order monitor) converts an inbound customer order into an SAP sales order with or without a reference (e.g. quotation).

The supply chain process such as order confirmation, shipping notification, goods issue and billing documents can be triggered immediately.  Customer orders that do not pass the “plausibility checks” successfully are highlighted and post-processed in the monitor.  

  • Automatic posting of customer orders (OCR or EDI data records)
  • Overview of all purchase orders received
  • OCR image or EDI data visualisation as PDF form
  • Full integration in SAP with all order processing functionalities
  • Quick error analysis with intelligent message log
  • Direct communication due to integrated email system
  • Post-processing option in the split screen display with direct access to scanned and archived customer orders. 

SAP Master Data and Price Management: FIS / mpm  is a simplified SAP centred application utilised by all employees tasked with master data maintenance of materials, price and conditions, vendors, customers, bill of materials with built in duplication checks and defined roles for initiators and master data custodians.

Cross Company Electronic Transactions: FIS / xee provides organisations with a tool for electronic data exchange between SAP, internal systems, and import/export with external suppliers and customers.