FIS Announces Sale of Polish Subsidiary

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FIS announces sale of Polish subsidiary 

FIS has sold its nearshore development subsidiary, FIS-SST (Poland),  to German-based management and IT consultancy Q_PERIOR AG.  The nearshore development company, provide an out-sourced software development house with core expertise in Java, Microsoft and ABAP technologies.

In 2008, FIS acquired a majority shareholding in the Polish software development company. At the time of acquisition FIS-SST had a workforce of some 20 employees. During the 14 years of partnership with FIS the organisation has grown and now employs  more than 100 consultants, software developers and project managers.

FIS-SST  worked as a nearshore partner for several major European IT development projects including expertise in software migration, transitions and business portals across a wide range of industries from healthcare, recruitment services, retail and the automotive sector.

With the sale, FIS strengthens its focus on the SAP core business. FIS focuses on SAP projects and the development of efficiency solutions, promoting digitisation of processes within enterprises.

Q_PERIOR are one of Germany’s leading management consultancies, supporting enterprises in the areas of business and IT.  

 Q_PERIOR has acquired 100% of the shares in FIS-SST as of 9th March 2022.

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Nearshoring (Poland) Development Services

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FIS - Nearshore Application Development Services (Poland)

The FIS SST new application development team have extensive programming expertise. A new resource for Solution Architects, Software Developers and Systems Integrators
FIS SST Offices in Poland

FIS SST is a dedicated software application developer, with an established position in the demanding IT market. FIS SST use their long-standing experience and proven methods of collaboration to provide customers with a new quality of business relationship.

FIS SST have been operating in the European market since 2002.

FIS SST specialise in custom software development and in the maintenance of dedicated systems.

For many years FIS SST have been a reliable partner in the development of intelligent software used in complex business processes.

Furthermore, FIS SST provide IT services as a competence centre with our qualified professionals having expertise including the following technologies and methodologies:

JAVA stack

  • [Languages] Java, Groovy, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • [Frameworks / Tools] Spring Boot, Java EE / Jakarta EE, Hibernate, CI/CD (Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab), Spring Cloud, Rabbit MQ
  • [Software Development] Scrum, Event Storming, Domain Driven Design, C4 Model, Jira/Confluence, Git, Maven
  • [Databases] SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • [Frontend] Angular, React, React Native, VueJs
  • [Cloud] Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft . NET stack

  • [Languages] C#, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • [Framework/Tools] .NET, .NET core, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, ASP.MVC, WPF, WCF, Entity Framework, Entity Core, SharePoint, CI/CD
  • [Software Development] Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Waterfall, Azure DevOps, Jira, Confluence, GIT
  • [Databases] SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • [Frontend] Blazor, Angular, Angular.js, React, React Native
  • [Cloud] Azure, Docker, Kubernetes

SAP ABAP stack

  • [Languages] ABAP and ABAP Objects, JavaScript (JSON), XML, Open SQL, SQL Script, Native SQL
  • [Core Frameworks] SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, SAP ERP, SAP Composite Application, SAP NetWeaver
  • [Supportive Frameworks] SAP Control Framework, SAP Exit techniques, SAP ALE, EDI, BAPI, SOAP, BDC, SAP Web Dynpro, SAP BOPF, SAP Core Data Services, SAPscript, Smart Forms, Adobe
  • [Databases] SAP HANA, SAP MaxDB, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2
  • [Frontend] SAP Fiori (UI5), SAP Web Dynpro, SAP GUI, Business Server Pages (BSP)
  • [Cloud] SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Platform Integration

FIS SST not only provide extensive, professional expertise in Java, Microsoft NET and SAP ABAP technologies under one roof, but we are also able to provide flexibility to adapt to the required developer capacities of our clients.

This could be as part of a strategic partnership where we provide an off-shore permanent resource or, as part of a specific project with a dedicated team, which temporarily supports the customer as an “extended workbench”.

High quality work and customer satisfaction are always our top priority.

FIS SST provide qualified development professionals (i.e. tester, junior, mid-level and senior level developers) with an attractive price/performance ratio. We provide pricing models based on either a  time and materials basis or for a fixed price for a defined project scope. 

The case studies illustrate some of earlier application work. Our main specialties include system migrations,  (i.e. updates to software with legacy software components) business portals (i.e. generally the consolidation of disparate systems in a single application hosted on a  cloud platform) or applications build from scratch,

FIS SST language capabilities are in English, German and Polish.