FIS - Nearshore Application Development Services (Poland)

Case Study: Automotive Retail Platform.

How FIS SST nearshoring services assisted on-line automotive retailer Auto Online, to create a platform to facilitate B2B transactions

cars on a forecourt


Initially, retailer Auto Online were considering developing a new vehicle valuation tool by working with IT contractors. However, because the roadmap of the solution planned several new enhancements and additional functions, a nearshoring application development team  from FIS SST were selected.

Auto Online opted for a long term partnership with FIS SST that ensured continuity. FIS SST and also provided the the retailer the advantage of a resource with a wider range of technology competencies.


The new Auto Online portal had to be built to facilitate a dynamic market with over 4,000 vehicle transactions per day.

Project management of the tasks between the  business requirements and the nearshoring application development team was based on SCRUM methodology. It was Auto Online's preference was to develop each module using Microsoft  .NET technologies. The new application was to be available in three languages - English, German and Polish.

The first solution, ‘Fleet Online’ , created a web application for marketing pre-owned fleet cars and lease returns. FIS SST provided the application development as well as the technical support.

The B2B model was then extended to include:

  • Trace Online’ – to display the procurement process of vehicles
  • ‘Easy Online’ - a web-based auction software for commercial car buyers and retailers
  • Value Online’ – a desktop application that identifies the location of vehicles

The web-applications were also integrated with backend systems from insurance company PZU.