Secure Connectivity between SAP and ERPs

FIS / xee (xml and edi engine) is an advanced “business data adapter” that facilitates integration with other IT systems. FIS / xee provides a secure data exchange within SAP and has comprehensive EDI support.

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SAP Business Process Integration, IT Systems, Customers and Suppliers

With digital transformation, it is important for enterprises to implement cross-system processes. Processes can be automated and made more consistent by integrating and connecting SAP systems and third-party systems.

In addition, more applications are also migrating into the cloud, creating hybrid IT landscapes.

The connection of business partners, such as customers, vendors or authorities, enables you to optimise the data exchange and the information flow across company boundaries.

Processes, such as purchase-to-pay, can be digitised using an EDI solution. This increases the degree of automation of your business processes throughout the organisation.

FIS / xee is an innovative application which facilitates the electronic exchange of data, documents and messages with SAP ERP and other applications - both internal and external.

FIS / xee has been certified by SAP AG and is successfully used worldwide with more than 300 installations.

The FIS / xee range of products support business process integration and communication processes. The application provides a single application for business process integration with internal IT systems and systems from both vendors and customers.

Key benefits include:
  • Optimise and accelerate the information flow across enterprise boundaries
  • Continuous linking of your business processes – avoiding media changes
  • Improvement of your business relationships with customers and vendors
  • Permanent availability
  • Decrease of error rate – no manual data entry required
Business Process Integration made easy:
  • The FIS / xee system is a user-friendly and secure system for the electronic exchange of data, documents and messages with your business partners and additional internal applications - both SAP and non-SAP
  • With FIS / xee, a flexible and secure exchange is possible in any kind of requested format (e.g. the industry standards VDA, ODETTE, ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, XML etc.)
  • The entire administration and monitoring takes place in the “SAP-look-and-feel” user interface (dedicated SAP transactions) to enable very short implementation times
  • Media changes are avoided and business processes run more securely
  • In addition, the automation involved in the electronic exchange of documents and messages accelerates the processes and reduces costs
  • To meet the requirements of the industry standards, format conversions or mappings can easily be created using FIS/xee workbench
  • Versions of FIS / xee run with both SAP ECC 6 and SAP S/4HANA

The FIS business process integration technology is fully integrated into SAP ERP, i.e. system settings and monitoring are executed via user-friendly and easily understood SAP transactions.

Data conversion and communication take place on an external subsystem computer that is independent from SAP. The applications of the SAP systems transfer the data to the standard SAP IDoc interface connected to the FIS / xee system.