The FIS/edc plugin is an add-on technology to SAP standard that is engineered to streamline the processing of supplier invoices, ensuring that invoice data is more accurately read whilst simultaneously reducing the overall cost of the business process.

The FIS/edc solution provides intelligent processing from start to finish, significantly diminishing the degree of human intervention – taking the cost out of the process.

For MM invoices with agreement with the SAP data no manual checking is necessary and the invoice could be posted automatically. The system also flags any deviations between the vendor invoice data and the SAP invoice data (PO and Goods Receipt) including variations of price, quantity and deliveries.

The FIS/edc technology significantly reduces the amount of manual data entry that is normally required; automating the entire process and accelerating invoice throughput. Of course, this translates to a reduction in operating costs which is beneficial to all enterprises.

Other key benefits and features of FIS/edc include:

  • Automatic posting of vendor invoices with and without PO reference
  • Full integration with the SAP standard – referencing real time data in standard tables
  • Logging of all user actions and processes – creating an invoice history
  • Processing capacity is considerably increased
  • Filtering tools for time critical invoices e.g. with early payment discounts or late payment penalties

The FIS/edc technology is currently enhancing the core functionality of SAP for large and medium sized businesses, across a range of industries.

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