FIS/edc is an SAP Integrated technology - engineered to streamline and improve the efficiency of a business document processing. The plugin is fully integrated into the existing SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA environment, meaning that there is a reduced requirement to train employees already familiar with SAP ERP.

The software comes with a range of benefits that can have a positive impact on a variety of industries and their business operations. FIS/edc is installed onto the same IT architecture as SAP, however no modifications to SAP standard will be needed in order for the plugin to function.



FIS/edc works alongside the FIS/fci OCR reading component which is used to automate the reading and data extraction of any semi-structured scanned document. In addition FIS/fci, validates the data prior to export. This process vastly reduces the need for human intervention and the inputting of data manually.

The reduced need for manual data entry is one of the key benefits of the software. In addition the solution is ideal for organisations that require a substantial improvement in their data quality. FIS/fci puts scanned invoices through a rigorous validation processes, which not only ensures the accuracy of the inputted data, but also identifies any “problem vendors.”

In combination FIS/edc and FIS/fci are a perfect technology for businesses with SAP looking to save time and money with invoice processing.

FIS/edc is an essential plugin for any businesses that run SAP ERP and are looking to fine tune the existing processes.

If you feel that your business falls into the categories above, contact our dedicated team for more information on how FIS/edc can streamline your SAP invoice processing.

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