The range of FIS SAP-Integrated technologies are all designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of SAP processes, with FIS/edc designed specifically for streamlining an organisation’s invoice management procedures.

FIS/edc and FIS/fci are two technologies, working together to improve the effectiveness and productivity of SAP ERP.

FIS/fci is a technology that automatically reads any scanned invoice or Email Invoice Attachment. The software automatically seeks key words to find the required invoice information through its integral Freeform Recognition Technology, and irrespective of any differences in invoice layouts.

The invoice data is also validated by FIS/fci through its systematic validation procedures to make sure that the information is accurate. Once the data has been checked through the rigorous plausibility checks, it is then transferred to FIS/edc.

When the information has been received from FIS/fci, FIS/edc will then perform a posting attempt into SAP ERP. In order to achieve a successful post, MM invoices must be balanced against open orders and goods receipts within pre-set tolerances.

FIS/edc (Electronic Document Centre) would save businesses both time and money, as it automates the processing of scanned documents and reduces the need for human interference. This lack of manual data entry is beneficial as it improves the accuracy of the data and provides an incomparable automatic posting rate.

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