With SAP standard the processing of supplier invoice processing entails a significant amount of manual work and human interaction. The current standard process mean that the AP team could be wasting a lot of time on manual tasks that might be better with assigned to technology.

The risk of inaccurate and expensive data entry is an issue to many organisations with ambitions for lean processing. Integrated SAP technology from FIS provides businesses with a cost-effective solution to boost productivity compared to SAP standard.

FIS/edc is used to automate and streamline the processing of documents such as supplier invoices, sales orders, vendor statements and payment advice notes. The technology provides the accounts team with a more efficient process which diminishes the number of unnecessary tasks they would otherwise have to carry out with SAP standard. The physical printing of invoices sent via email, the use of physical signatures and manual data entry would no longer be necessary with the addition of FIS technology.

FIS/edc is designed to enhance the existing SAP ERP standard system. The AP team work within a familiar SAP environment and therefore require minimal training – but the additional FIS transactions boost the productivity of the AP team.

Another key component of the FIS/edc solution is that invoices types (i.e. PO exempt) can automatically be assigned and distributed to the AP team or approvers. The invoice approvers normally complete invoices via workflow applications built within the SAP WebDynpro or Fiori app frameworks.

It provides the AP team with additional toolsets that will automate tasks and result in higher productivity.The reduction of labour intense tasks and replacing them with integrated technologies improves the invoice posting times for the AP department facilitating more time for relationship building with partners. FIS/edc provides an accelerated invoice throughout, higher quality of data and results in fewer manual tasks.

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