RTP Platform – New Functions and Background Processing with SAP / ERPs

FIS iLog have extended the range of potential application tiles with their ground breaking returnable platform - iRetPlat. In addition, the platform can be updated with RTP bookings from ERP/Accounts software directly (not just SAP ERP) and in the background - this means that the user will be able to identify the quantities of all returnables at different partners.

Access to the platform can be multi-partisan and allow collaborations between customers, suppliers and other satellite location sites. The Fiori app facilitates the user to view:

  • RTP stock levels at main and satellite sites
  • RTP balances with partners (suppliers and customers) and other sites
  • RTP balances with distributors and the subsequent balances with end-users
  • Workflow of " queries/contested RTP volumes" with partners
  • Reports for booking summaries within a given time frame
  • Notifications from Customers (i.e. new deliveries required)

The app has been designed to be used by booking clerks - and replaces the need to check stock levels and transport balances using spreadsheets. The platform can also be opened up to customers and suppliers to agree (or otherwise) on RTP deliveries. The platform provides a centralised open-platform - providing a single view of RTP stock levels, transactions and balances - taking the cost out of more traditional processes.