Karro Food – savings with statement processing

With pressures to process more financial documents from suppliers and customers, Karro Food Group look intensely at current business processes to question whether savings can be made whilst maintaining data quality. Karro already process supplier invoices in paper and email attachment using FIS tools – FCI and FIS / edc (invoice monitor). The solution is optimised to create a significant ‘blind booking rate’ for invoices – i.e. invoices booked with zero-touch from Karro shared service staff.
Karro used to view all reconciliations against data in SAP manually. This work has been significantly diminished by comparing the data from the statements and the data in SAP electronically – only the statements with different values are presented.
The advanced practice of using more EDI and electronic documentation means that the Karro accounts team can focus on more value added tasks.
Sharon Bennison, Systems and Business Process Improvement Manager for Karro Foods heads the progressive strategy. ‘There is pressure from the business to make all processes within Karro as efficient and effective as possible. We are always on the lookout for making savings and the vendor statements monitor utilises many of the FIS technologies we have already. Replacing labour-intensive tasks with more effective IT technologies means that our existing team is able to manage increasing workload as our business expands’.