FIS develop a suite of SAP-Integrated technologies that can be utilised to improve processes for organisations with SAP ERP. FIS technologies are designed to simplify and automate existing SAP business processes.

FIS/edc is an FIS technology that is designed to streamline invoice and accounts-document processing in SAP standard. FIS/edc works in conjunction with the OCR Invoice Reading Software, FIS/fci, providing an automated and more economical method of processing accounts-documents in SAP ECC 6 or SAP S/4HANA.

FIS/fci is designed to read any incoming accounts-document such as invoices, sales orders, vendor statements and customer payment advice notes. The documents can be received physically or as an email attachment. Emailed documents are usually easier to work with as they are normally outputs from an ERP solution and will not suffer from poor scanning techniques or loss of image quality. They are automatically processed in most instances and the need for human intervention is significantly reduced.


FIS/fci incorporates “Freeform Recognition Technology” to automatically seek essential content in the vicinity of key words. The layout of the invoice is not important – as FIS/fci is pre-conditoned to find the relevant content significantly reduce the need for any manual searching of figures and data entry.

Once the data has been imported into FIS/fci, the co-ordinates of the invoice data for a specific vendor are then stored within an intelligent knowledge base. The knowledge base also stores any manual corrections where necessary. The knowledge base function is essential for businesses wishing to improve their “blind booking rate” as invoices received from the same supplier will be read automatically.

Invoice data extracted by FIS/fci undergoes rigorous plausibility checks to ensure the accuracy of the data. FIS/edc then receives the data from FIS/fci and performs a posting attempt in SAP ECC where, if successful, the data will be displayed within FIS/edc or SAP ECC6 or SAP S/4HANA.

FIS/edc is a technology that can streamline the existing SAP invoice booking process.

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