FIS - Customer Relationship Management

FIS/crm  is a web based application that empowers organisations to determine and maintain data and information regarding customers and your relationships with them. FIS/crm enables organisations to work with the information in marketing, sales, cost accounting and customer service. An optimised and integrated CRM enables an easier, faster and lower-cost structuring of your business processes - from acquisition and order processing through to customer support.

Key benefits:

  • Independently executable web-application that is available anywhere - without an SAP ERP connection
  • Deep integration into the SAP data model (SAP ERP and SAP Retail)
  • Intuitive operation
  • Sophisticated CRM core processes (address/contact management with activity management, lead and opportunity management, campaign control, field service support)
  • Interfaces for third party applications (best-of-breed strategy)
  • Integration for central address data maintenance and distribution with FIS/cds
  • Expandability to a corporate solution with address data harmonisation
  • Sustainability due to continuous development
  • Implementation of customer-specific enhancements by with FIS development

As an SAP value-added reseller and Gold Partner, FIS are able to offer support in the development of a strategy solution that is tailored to your company and in the implementation and operation of the CRM Web- Application. In addition, we offer you different support options to enable a problem-free CRM implementation. As part of the CRM implementation, we support industry requirements to optimise your processes.

FIS/crm offers the following advantages for your company:

  • Segmented customer profiles differentiating between highly active, moderately active and inactive
  • Intuitively operated, browser-based CRM system aimed at low customer churn
  • Comprehensive contact management
  • Function set for sales management and campaign processing
  • CRM system integrated with the SAP architecture

FIS/crm and SAP

FIS/crm is a business software that highly integrates itself into your SAP system architecture. In the FIS/crm customising component, the sales organisation structures of the SAP master data can be mapped in order to transparently match the datasets in SAP ERP and in the FIS/crm system.

For the initial master data synchronization for address data harmonisation as well as for continued data synchronisation, FIS/crm provides an interface to an integrated master data server based on SAP for data exchange between business partners within the application environment.

From FIS/crm it is possible to call SAP transactions directly - enabling ERP system data to be utilised.