The manual processing of supplier invoices can be time consuming and expensive, meaning that businesses are using up time that could otherwise be spent in a more productive capacity. Businesses are continuously exploring new methods to make their procedures more efficient, in order to reduce operational costs whilst not compromising on the quality of outcomes. Improvements in business processes and making them more economical is a strategic vison for all enterprises.

The methodology used in SAP standard for the processing of supplier invoices requires a significant degree of human intervention and manual data entry. The existing SAP process involves an administrator manually copying and keying in the required data fields, and this runs the risk of human error when inputting incorrect data.

FIS provide SAP Integrated technologies that are used to automate, streamline and efficiently process documents such as invoices, credit memos, sales orders and vendor statements with minimal human intervention. The OCR technology with FIS/fci automatically reads both emailed invoice attachments and scanned documents, irrespective of their layout.

FIS / edc (invoice monitor) is a technology plugin that is fully integrated into SAP standard and is designed to make SAP processes run more effectively. FIS/edc automates processes, simplifies and accelerate the existing procedures.

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