FIS/TradeFlex FAQs

Which Marketplaces does FIS/ TradeFlex integrate with?

We have API’s into Amazon, eBay, Mercateo, and Alibaba

Does FIS /TradeFlex only run with SAP ERP (ECC 6 or S/4HANA)?

As of Q4 2019
Currently the FIS / TradeFlex platform can transfer content from other software such as PIM

What additional functions does FIS/TradeFlex give me compared to SAP standard?

FIS / TradeFlex is non-invasive to SAP standard and provides many different functions to enable your trading with markeplaces.With FIS/Tadeflex the application works beyond order processing and it includes functions for:

  • Product Selection and Product blocking (based on attributes)
  • Campaign management
  • Pricing and Shipping Costs
  • Order confirmations
  • Payments Processing
  • Dispute Management and Product Questions
  • Refunds Processing and Returns Processing

How do I control FIS / TradeFlex?

The platform is controlled via a single Fiori app. The controller is able to manage functions within SAP ERP and exchange content between third-party applications (i.e. PIM systems) and the MarketPlace(s).