FIS Partner H&S – SAP Certified Document Archive

H&S has been an FIS Information Systems GmbH partner for more than 5 years and have extensive knowledge and project experience for more than 25 years. H&S are located in Vienna, Austria (Headquarters), Schwabach (Germany) and St Gallen (Switzerland). H&S InPoint content Server is an SAP Certified Product and utilises the standard SAP ArchiveLink for repaid retrieval of invoices and other financial documents from FIS/edc and SAP transactions. Functionality of H&S inPoint ContentServer for SAP (inPoint CSS

  • Certified SAP ArchiveLink(TM) interface
  • inPoint CSS is certified by SAP as an archive link software solution
  • In Point CSS stores images from FIS/edc monitors (scanned documents and emailed attachments). The images can also be viewed through SAP (i.e. MIRO MIR4) transaction
  • inPoint CSS is able to set a retention time for archived images, after this period it is possible to delete the image.
  • inPoint CSS can also store other SAP related documents
  • Administration is possible with SAP Basic Know how
  • Supports all archiving methodology
  • Supports all SAP Releases form SAP R/3 onwards
  • Document view with SAP—Standard features
  • Support and legal archiving and certified for several WORM storages