FIS develops mobile apps for invoice approval and reporting running on SAP Fiori

FIS Information Systems develop several SAP (ECC6 or S/4HANA) integrated applications to improve business processes.
FIS / edc (invoice monitor) as an application that is used for automatic invoice processing in SAP. For invoice approvals the system uses an approval workflow running on SAP Web Dynpro. 
As an additional option, FIS have now created an invoice approval process running on SAP Fiori. The “mobile approval procedure” app, which is based on the SAP Fiori app standard, has been developed for invoice processing.
The app works with the FIS / edc business logic and provides the user with the intuitive design of Fiori apps. When accessing via launchpad, the number of the workflows to be approved is displayed on the app tile.
Invoices are displayed in different colours depending on the urgency level. A detail screen displays the header data of the document.
Further Fiori apps have been created to provide detailed reports for processing rates per company code over a given timeframe.