FIS/cash is a unique technology that has been developed primarily for the wholesaler industry - using either SAP ERP or SAP Retail and having a number of retail outlets. The solution is unique in that the cash register has advanced features for payment processes and also has a direct access to real-time SAP stock levels.

Standard FIS/cash is able to facilitate a wide range of commercial transactions such as:

  • Different payment methods – card or account
  • Different shipping types – pickup, cash on delivery
  • Cash Returns and refunds
  • Credit or Debit – memos
  • Down payment and deposits
  • Creation and payment of vouchers

Furthermore, the FIS/cash technology has direct connectivity to SAP and references the SAP database for stock levels. This is particularly attractive, if the organisation has other channels to market (i.e. internet, telephone sales or mail order) as the retail clerk will have a view on availability and the goods location whether in-store or distribution centre.

The FIS/cash is also has functionality to assist with periodic cash transactions, cash desk closing and shift analysis.


Simplified UX

The FIS and SAP transaction codes run in the background as the operator works with simplified screen functions.

The screen designs are often customised from the standard for each client - to account for specific user requirements.


FIS/cash provides a richly functional cash register client to SAP ERP - with the access to real SAP data. Using this method, the store operator can view exact stock availability even if recent inventory has changed from other channels (i.e. internet, telesales, mail order or other retail outlet).