Browsing the Online Shop on the Apple Watch

Ordering using wearable technologies – a first for this new function of the FIS/eSales® Mobile Shop.
Mobile access to information is ubiquitous nowadays and apps are optimised for their use on mobile devices as well as business desktop applications.
Recently, FIS have created an addition to FIS/eSales® - providing a Mobile Shop that many existing FIS users have installed on their own tablets and smartphones. The app is used primarily to place orders with their suppliers or to review documents related to accounts documents such as purchase orders and invoices etc.
Now, FIS has extended the breadth of the technology scope by developing an Apple Watch app as the first wearable device that can be used to browse and order goods.
Only functions corresponding to the size of the Smart Watch will be available to the user. Via "Siri" voice recognition, the user “enters/speaks” a search term and the specific products are retrieved. The user can now browse through goods via their watch, call the desired product (including detail information) and place into the shopping basket.
At the FIS 2015 Innovation Day, this app was presented to our clients for the first time with a promise of a version for Android wearables to follow. This first project of its type demonstrates that the FIS applications can run on the latest devices as a leading developer at the leading edge of mobile technology.