Returnables Platform (iRetPlat) FAQs

Do I need SAP ERP?

No the platform can work with other ERP systems, the business connector (integrated within the platform) synchronises the output data fields. Some organisation use the platform without any ERP connectivity.

What languages does the platform display in?

English and German currently.

How do I set the Platform up from scratch?

There is a Platform Wizard that you use in a TEST environment. Our support team ensure that your platform matches your required set-up preferences.

How do I add a new supplier?

Update the Platform TEST Wizard. See above.

Is the system available 24/7?


What happens if I make a mistake?

Use the “Rebooking” function for corrections

How do I get reports into Excel?

  1. First download the report that you want from the iRetPlat download function.
  2. Download and save the csv file in a known location
  3. Open Excel with a blank worksheet and then import the file from the Data Tab
  4. Now follow the Excel Import Wizard
  5. Choose Delimited and Next
  6. Select Semi-Colon and Next
  7. Select General and the Finish
  8. Select the Data that you require and then create a chart.
  9. Customise your Chart using Excel functions

What is supplier circulation?

This is where an equipment transaction is made by a third-party (who you delivered equipment to) to another third-party (who you may or may not deliver equipment to).